Rise of the era of digital addresses

In countries where the street addressing system is poor, locating an address could be difficult for people and businesses. Enroutify is a solution to locating addresses in places without good addressing systems. It allows users to share locations digitally, generating a GPS coordinate and a driving direction securely. It plots a route and generate driving directions to the locations you share. Whether it is a party, meeting or a night out with friends.

Enroutify AppOne of the problems businesses face today is getting the correct addresses of their customers and locating them. In countries where the streets are not numbered correctly and where some locations are not well layout, locating an address could be such a pain for businesses and people. For example, when a consumer buys a product online and inputs his address, the E Commerce store tries to deliver the purchased product to the address. Most of the time, the dispatch riders find it very hard to locate this address causing the purchased good to be returned to the store and therefore wasting time and resources.

To solve this problem, the developers of Enroutify are trying to move the world an era of digital addresses.

Imagine an instance whereby people share digital information regarding their address with friends, family and businesses. It is very simple and straightforward compared to the conventional long boring addresses. Imagine this scenario where I walk into a bank to open a new account, as part of the account opening process, I will need to provide my home address. So, after filling the account opening form, I open up an application on my smartphone and share my address with the bank via email or i just fill in the short code of my address. The bank can then use this digital information to view my address and get directions to my address

Also, Assuming I have to meet a friend in a location that i have never been before, instead of  him sharing a long boring text description of the address, He can simply open up the Enroutify Mobile App and share his address with me. I will have access to the GPS coordinates of the location and also get driving directions to the location.

The first Alpha version of the Enroutify App will be out on Friday (17th of October, 2014). If you will like to join the Alpha testers, visit the Enroutify website at http://enroutify.me/ and subscribe to the Notify Me form. The Alpha Version will be deployed on Android Platform. Alpha testers will have unrestricted access to all the features on the Gold version.

This solution will change the way we share addresses.


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  1. Israel says:

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    This is a project that I am working on. We want to change the way addresses are shared.

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